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About Us


SKILL PRO INDIA allows aspirant candidates to register with the skill pro India mission for professional skill learning and employment opportunities. 

SKILL PRO INDIA is committed to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world. 

SKILL PRO INDIA presents Bharat fashion week which, offers solutions that seamlessly connect and associate fashion’s key constituents and corporate brand using skill pro India’s global resources and expertise.

SKILL PRO INDIA Under Its Platform Is Providing Skill Oriented Programmers To The Aspiring Students/ Job Seekers.

We as an organization think that lack of skilled workers is the significant barrier in any country’s growth, and we are constantly working in support of skill India mission

.We are on a mission to build a future generation who are skillful & could lead a self-reliant life with dignity to make this world a better place to live.

We believe in empowering our youth with employable skills besides the lifelong learning skills, similar to soft skills you have heard. They have to do with how we connect and with the world around us. In many ways, they’re also about building relationships.


Our LMS consists of must-have features. The modules we create for the betterment of your studying life in the field of the creative sector. Do you have a passion for modeling, acting, handloom, handicraft, carpet, beauty, and entertainment sectors? Then, here’s the best agency for you! We give you a better learning experience with our LMS.

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Mr. SK Gupta, the Founder, Director of SKILL PRO INDIA, is an effervescent personality who aims to help youth with their careers. His objective is to support the upcoming young talents to shine out with skill development courses through professional coaching and training.  The enthusiastic personality Mr. SK Gupta was lauded for his notable work in the fashion industry as a winner at Asia Fashion Awards 2020.

The interest of the fashion consultant was to become a professional chef, but fortunately, thanks to his love for fashion and entrepreneurship which, landed him as an astonishing entrepreneur. However, his aspirations set the opportunity for youngsters to showcase their talent and learn new skills through courses launched by Skill pro-India online and offline.

Mr. SK Gupta assures the design of the entire course is structured to develop the art forms knowledge and practically apply it. Indeed, the package for the inestimable offer by SKILL PRO INDIA benefits with the internship within the course, as various courses we tie-up with corporate companies.

The ideology to earn while you learn is a recent trend in India but is here to stay. These activities enhance the power to think and build encouragement in students besides developing a habit to work hard and become independent. SKILL PRO INDIA is on a mission to boost confidence in youth and analyze their potential. Hence, we design our course in such a way that will help students to think out of the box and bring out better results.

Implementation of rules and the establishment of new ideas can seemingly work only when the students are provided with the space to develop their skills in their own space. Inventing and reinventing is only possible if a person has been trained well in the subject he wishes to learn. Therefore, Mr. SK Gupta via, SKILL PRO INDIA aims to develop such talent and skills in students. The Founder of Skill Pro-India, Mr. SK Gupta, wishes to help and support youth to provide employment.

SKILL PRO INDIA understands your needs and the skills you require to achieve the ideal goal. Our mission is to help you develop the understanding of the subject in-depth to enjoy and play with ideas address Mr. SK Gupta.  SKILL PRO INDIA provides different category courses that bring awareness and guidance to all, special considerations to underprivileged sector youngsters. These courses may include professional skills, Vernacular art form, art, entertainment, and others.

Mr SUNMAN GOWDA, the Founder and CTO  At SKILL PRO INDIA we’ve seen again and again how the seemingly simple act of creating can be a force for growth, change, and discovery in people’s lives.

We want to inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning and application.

SKILL PRO INDIA is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

Mr Gowda is also
International Fashion Director & Fashion Connoisseur

Profile: Creative Director & Fashion Entrepreneur || Show & Fashion Director | Communication Marketing Expert |
An astonishing Fashion Entrepreneur with a phenomenal presence in the world of Fashion and Glamour.
A glorious personality best magnified in glamour, fashion and technology convergence with his magnificent expertise.

Founder, CTO Skill Pro India
Founder, CEO IotFashion.in
Sub Editor & Chief Analyst [ Indian Temples (International Magazine)]
Founder, CEO Saronam.NET

| Trainer & Mentor | Life coach | Image consultant | Fitness expert | Jury | IT specialist

‘Skill Pro India Mission’

We Guide You

The National Policy of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015 envisaged the need to meet the goal an 400 million people by 2022.

A quick understanding of Skill Pro India through your vision

  • Professional skill education
  • Professional skill training
  • Guaranteed work solution
  • Training and exposure
  • Art and design
  • Culture and entertainment

The enthusiastic young talents and job seekers rejected for the lack of professional skill knowledge, Skillproindia aims to benefit you with professional courses that generate employment.

  • Result-oriented courses to stand out.
  • Information
  • Proper training, guidance, live learning, critical thinking, innovation, networking, effective oral, written communication, accessing, analysis, case study.
  • Jobs
  • Exposure
  • Live training
  • Practical training
  • Skill-based learning
  • Guaranteed work solution
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